Theologically sound

We believe the songs that we communally express during Sunday’s worship service should have a solid Biblical foundation. As we sing God’s promises communally, it not only gives God praise but it reinforces within our hearts the foundations of our faith.

Explicitly clear

There are many Christian songs that are personal to the songwriters who wrote them. We believe that God is delighted in the human creation of songs but that not all songs are meant to be sung in a congregational setting. Therefore, Redeemer desires to sing songs that are clearly congregational songs full of God-honoring language.

Easy to Sing Charts

We want the average person without musical training to be able to participate in worship. We don’t pick songs that only trained musicians can sing. You won’t hear a four part vocal harmony or difficult lines that only Adele can sing. Nor will you hear long electric guitar solos during our worship services.

Culturally Relevant and Historically Rooted

The Redeemer worship ministry spends time to find charts that are modern and relevant to our culture. This doesn’t mean that we only sing hit Christian songs, but also look back at history to sing hymns that we rearrange to have a more modern sound. Many of our songs are originals from another PCA church in Chicago (Ethos Presbyterian Church).