Group Life

A Necessary Component

At Redeemer we believe small group life is a vital and necessary piece of our Christian formation. In addition to the larger gathering of worship, where we offer corporate praises to God with other believers and receive spiritual food through word and sacrament, we think the smaller gathering in people’s homes is crucial, particularly at a time when people, despite the busyness of life and entertainment-based relationships, are lacking a sense of authentic community and feeling more disconnected and alone than ever before.

What should I expect in a Redeemer small group?

It’s pretty simple. We hang out, eat food, study God’s word, share our joys and sorrows, and pray for each other. We also engage in service projects around the city. Currently there are groups in Midtown, Downtown, Grosse Pointe, East Side (St. Claire Shores area), and Corktown/Woodbridge. Please contact the group leaders to receive details on meeting time and place, as the stated info is subject to change. Here is a list of the current groups:

Available Small Groups



This study is led by Mike Essian with Chelsey Smith as apprentice leader. Currently we are made up of mostly young people. We meet at our leader’s residence who lives only a few blocks from the Music Center.

We are investigating and discussing the Gospel According to John. For more information call Mike Essian at  313-539-5071 or email him at Or you may email Chelsey at

Grosse Pointe—Fridays


We are excited to begin this new group in Grosse Pointe. This group is led and hosted by Jeff and Jessica Huebner. They begin with a potluck dinner. The study will be the Michael Horton book “Ordinary.” They will meet every other Friday (or there abouts) at 7:30pm beginning Oct 14, 2016. For more information please contact Jeff by phone at 917-797-4218 or via email at



This group is led and hosted by Jerome and Stephanie Gorgon and meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. We start with dinner and socializing, we study and have an engaging discussion, share our ups and downs, and then we pray for one another.

Currently we are reading and discussing Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Life Together.”

For more information please contact Stephanie at

Corktown, Woodbridge—Fridays


This group is hosted and led by Andrew and Brittany Colchagoff with Bill and Nsombi Aro as assistant leaders.

The group is comprised primarily of families and we have lots of kids in this group, but all are definitely welcome.

We have dinner and socialize, we study, share and pray.

Our current study is “Gospel-Centered Parenting.”

For information you may call Andrew at 567-703-7128 or email, or Bill and Nsombi at

East Side

EAST SIDE | 1st and 3rd TUESDAYS | 6:30PM

This group is currently comprised of middle-aged foodies, but we would love to diversify. We meet at different restaurants from Dearborn to St. Claire Shores. We start with dinner and socializing, and then have a laid back discussion about Sundays sermon, but moreover religion and politics. That’s right, the very thing culture instructs us to avoid.

This group is not really led by anyone. There is a strong focus in this group of serving the needy in our city.

For more information please contact Laura at


MIDTOWN | 1st and 3rd TUESDAYS | 6:30PM

This group is led by Mike Parton and Zach Garris. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday night at 6:30pm. We begin with a meal, have a time of sharing, and then dig into our study and discussion and finish with a time of prayer. For our first study as a group we will be looking at Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” DVD series. The goal of this study is to try to understand where those skeptical of the faith are coming from, yet how Christianity does offer sound, rational and satisfying answers to these objection.

For more information email Mike Parton at mparton@rc.ude.

Grosse Pointe—Saturdays

GROSSE POINTE | 1st and 3rd SATURDAYS | 6:00PM

This is a new group that is led by Joe and Emily Gardinier. We are meeting the 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 6:00pm. We will begin with dinner and then move into our study and discussion on the book of Judges.

For more information please contact Joe at or Emily at


This group is led by Pastor Dan. We are studying the book of Romans. We meet every other Friday night, starting with a meal, go into our study, and then a time of sharing and prayer.

For more information, contact Laura at


Men's Ministry

The guys meet Saturday at 7:00 AM at the church office for study, prayer, and encouragement. Contact Kym Smith (Phone Number 596-291-4419)  for more information.

Women's Ministry

Saturday Mornings

Monthly Mondays

Youth Ministry

Every other Friday Night